U.S. of kAte

What have I been up to lately? Oh just starting a business and outfitting the U.S.A. in U.S. of kAte gear! One of our best friends at BYU, Kate Hansen qualified for the Olympics in the luge over Christmas break. Although I had large plans to sew and craft over break, my sister and I couldn’t resist showing her our support! After brainstorming we decided it was only appropriate to show our patriotism with the tagline U.S. of kAte. So I designed this shirt with a classic Kate dance move on the front before I knew her moves would become an internet sensation! This article and the video of her dance moves went viral. She became the most adored Olympian and happiest 10th place finisher in Sochi!


Love my girl and loved designing shirts, signs, and etc. to support her! Shirts are still for sale with a special #dancinhansen version. Below are pictures of my designs!



US of kAte party posters-01

US of kAte party posters 2-02

US of kAte party posters-03



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