Jewelry Organization

I love jewelry. Sparkly, colorful, chunky, glamorous– give it to me. I’ll most definitely wear it! My older sister, Kimber one time told her best friend, “Brooke has those ridiculous, over-the-top necklaces that you could never wear everyday, casually, but she DOES wear them everyday.” It was one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten. With my short hair I am cursed to never be able to pull off dangly earrings, however chunky, short necklaces (which luckily have totally come back into style) — are totally my thing. Here’s the ways I organize and display my jewelry. Check out my tutorial on my earring holder and bracelet holder! I also crafted my necklace holder! My monogram candy dishes are from C. Wonder of course! I have “B” for Brooke and I stole my sister, Ashley’s “A” for the pictures!


IMG_6907 copy-3


IMG_7022 copy-2




IMG_6939 copy-2



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