BYU’s Olympian Parties

In addition to the viewing party, there have been so many celebrations for Kate all around Provo!

Last Wednesday, Kate’s closest friends threw an iPod dance party to celebrate the Olympics starting so soon (an iPod dance party means that the hosts create a playlist, post it on the Facebook page where everyone can download it, then everyone dances their hearts out for 30 minutes)! Wednesday morning BYU’s athletic marketing team asked me to design a poster for Kate! We were able to bring the poster to the dance party, then the next night the boys held up the sign at BYU’s basketball game! Everyone was so supportive and proud that BYU sent a student to the Sochi Olympics!

During the iPod dance party I filmed our friends dancing their hearts out and sending messages of “good luck” to our star. Ashley, my sister, and I edited the video clips together for Kate! Below is our video and, of course, our song choice was “God Bless the U.S.A.” by BeyoncĂ©!





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