About Me

Let’s have a meet & greet.
I am Brooke, “the bear,” an aspiring designer.
I’m letting the globe get a glimpse of my designs on display.
Life is better with gold glitter & a great color combination.

Clothes can communicate confidence & courage.
Attire is a form of art. I like clean lines & I love volume.
Bold, but balanced, fitted forms, & the shape of silhouettes.
This heart has a soft spot for textiles with texture.

Make merry with dazzling décor & delicious desserts.
Make a splash on the scene with your spunk and spirit.
Celebrate with good company, a new bride, or another birthday.
Party planning is a festivity for friendship.

I cling to my role as the cute child, but look up to lots of gorgeous gals in my life.
I say listen to the beat of Beyoncé.
Sparkle & shimmer like you should.
Live like a lady with poise and politeness.
Win the boy over with a wink & a dash of wit. Be bold. Be brilliant.

I cherish being both little & a lady.
Lastly, I adore alliterations, in case you haven’t already noticed.
So come enjoy a taste of my cup of tea, if you fancy.

Love, Little Lady
Wishing you a lovely day & hope you linger a little longer!

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