After seeing Kate Spade Saturday’s photo shoot in a park, I was so inspired to do the same! My friends and I gathered for a game of kickball on one of the first days of spring and it was a ball (pun intended)!












I don’t know who is the bigger babe in this photo Kailey or Rick, but I’m loving it.


Those sun flares are not edited– it just was a splendid afternoon in the sun!

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Not feeling blue

We aren’t feeling blue at all– we are just so happy it’s spring! … and yes we all believe that royal blue and neon pink are must-have’s for spring.








The last one is blurry, but I just had to include it. Our cute friend Blake walked by and happened to be wearing a blue bow tie! Looks like everyone was feeling the blue vibe.

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BYU’s Olympian Parties

In addition to the viewing party, there have been so many celebrations for Kate all around Provo!

Last Wednesday, Kate’s closest friends threw an iPod dance party to celebrate the Olympics starting so soon (an iPod dance party means that the hosts create a playlist, post it on the Facebook page where everyone can download it, then everyone dances their hearts out for 30 minutes)! Wednesday morning BYU’s athletic marketing team asked me to design a poster for Kate! We were able to bring the poster to the dance party, then the next night the boys held up the sign at BYU’s basketball game! Everyone was so supportive and proud that BYU sent a student to the Sochi Olympics!

During the iPod dance party I filmed our friends dancing their hearts out and sending messages of “good luck” to our star. Ashley, my sister, and I edited the video clips together for Kate! Below is our video and, of course, our song choice was “God Bless the U.S.A.” by Beyoncé!



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U.S. of kAte Olympic Viewing Party

Ashley, my sister, and I were so excited to watch Kate race in the Olympics! We asked BYUSA and the Wall to team up with us to throw a viewing party! Thanks to BYUSA for providing free fries and drinks and to the Wall for hosting! It was so fun to see all of Kate’s closest friends and to cheer for her on national TV!







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U.S. of kAte

What have I been up to lately? Oh just starting a business and outfitting the U.S.A. in U.S. of kAte gear! One of our best friends at BYU, Kate Hansen qualified for the Olympics in the luge over Christmas break. Although I had large plans to sew and craft over break, my sister and I couldn’t resist showing her our support! After brainstorming we decided it was only appropriate to show our patriotism with the tagline U.S. of kAte. So I designed this shirt with a classic Kate dance move on the front before I knew her moves would become an internet sensation! This article and the video of her dance moves went viral. She became the most adored Olympian and happiest 10th place finisher in Sochi!

Love my girl and loved designing shirts, signs, and etc. to support her! Shirts are still for sale with a special #dancinhansen version. Below are pictures of my designs!



US of kAte party posters-01

US of kAte party posters 2-02

US of kAte party posters-03

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Happy New Years!

In addition to my roomie Christmas card, I designed a personal work-related New Years card! It was so fun to relive this past year and the wonderful opportunities I was given. Thank you so much to C. Wonder for allowing me to return for the second summer and giving me the opportunity to design your holiday window! I had a blast! I would work late almost every night, then I’d come home and dream about ways to make it better! In addition, I was able to prop style many of my own photo shoots, along with being the assistant stylist for I love the fashion industry and I can’t wait to work full-time in 2014! Thank you everyone for the wonderful memories!

Happy New Years Card-02

Happy New Years Card-03

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Roomie Christmas Cards

My sister Ashley requested that we make Christmas cards as an apartment. She asked for a photo shoot idea that was funny and cute… I deliver glam. Whoops. So my roomies wore ugly Christmas sweaters and I wore a silver Kate Spade Saturday sweater with a hot pink J. Crew kids vest. I love sparkly things too much. We had a very bright Christmas!





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Holiday Toppers

Lastly, I illustrated inspiration for how to include these holiday items into toppers for the stores. I love C. Wonder toppers because of their extravagance. Toppers add to the fun, over-the-top store personality.

Holiday Toppers 1-01

Holiday Toppers 2-01

Holiday Toppers 3-01

Holiday Toppers 4-01

Holiday Toppers for Presentation1-01

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Skis and Packages

The most detailed part of the window display is the design of the skis and packages. I was given the most free reign on the design of these items. The whimsy C. Wonder pattern came from a graphic designer who created it for 2012. The tassel pattern came from a silk shirt in this year’s holiday collection. I completed the rest of the patterns and drawings.

Skis and Packages 1-01

Skis and Packages 2-01

Skis and Packages 3-01

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Smile, Sparkle, and Ski Window Design

Finally, now that the windows are in the C. Wonder store I can show my illustration! I created these in Adobe Illustrator. These were my original approved images from corporate. From here the visual merchandising department sourced the props. The first window is a closed window and the ski sculpture would only be used at the flagship stores. The second and third windows are for open windows and particularly mall stores. The elements from these windows can be used to fit any window size. I learned how a window display goes from inspiration to execution and I love every part of the process!

Smile, Sparkle and Ski Window-01

Smile, Sparkle and Ski Window-02

Smile, Sparkle and Ski Window-03

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